Coral Moons

about us.

Coral Moons is lead by singer/songwriter Carly Kraft. Accompanied by Manuel Camacho on bass, Justin Bartlett on lead guitar and Kevin O’Connell on drums. Coral Moons started when Manuel and Carly met in their workplace as app developers in Quincy, MA. They quickly realized they had the same love for 70’s music and started doing interesting duo covers of bands like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac,  Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones. It wasn’t until 2.5 years later that Carly approached Manuel with a project idea, that project being Coral Moons. At the same time, Carly was becoming close friends with her other guitarist, Justin, and was playing and touring with Justin’s project, Hope & Things. Carly learned how to play the guitar in September of 2017 with teachers Justin and Manuel. They had an abundance of guitarists: Carly, Manuel and Justin. And a songwriter, Carly. Until Manuel bought a 6 string bass, and decided that he wanted to play bass in the project. Thank the lord hallelujah because Carly didn’t want to decide between two of her favorite guitarist to play in her project.

Coral Moons came together in August of 2018 to play their first house show in Carly’s backyard for about 35 people. They played 4 original songs and a cover. All 4 of those originals are retired and we do not speak of them but it was a great starting point for the band and Carly learned how to play the guitar while standing up.

Coral Moons started as a blues band, unsure of what their sound was. They then started drawing inspiration from Tedeschi Trucks Band, Allen Stone, Lake Street Dive and the Allman Brothers and realized quickly that they were more of a retro rock band with roots in blues and soul.

They just finished recording their debut EP at Great North Sound Society and are scheduled to release on September 12th.